You might think that search engine optimization is only for the big, national companies, but those days are long gone. More people use the internet to find local products and services than ever before.

These are the folks who have money to spend and are looking for goods and services to spend it on. If they don’t buy from you then they are going to be putting their money in the pockets of your competitor who IS on the internet.

Do you have a web site or are you depending on the Yellow Pages, newspaper advertising, radio and TV advertising, and word of mouth?

All of those are great places to advertise, but the pool of readers, listeners, and viewers is constantly splintering and shifting, and statistics show that each of those splinters is getting smaller and smaller. That means that fewer people each month see the advertising that your hard-earned dollars are buying. The only audience that has grown consistently in the last 10 years is the online market.

If you have a web site, is it doing its job?

Your web site’s job is to jump up and attract the prospective client or customer’s attention as soon as he starts looking for your product or service online. It is supposed to say, loud and clear, “We have exactly what you are looking for right here. No need to look any further.”

But first, people have to find your web site…

Is your web site on the first page of Google? Yahoo? Bing?

Go to Google and type in the name of your highest profit margin product or service and your local area, something like “double fancy blue widgets Boston”, but without the “”. Is your web site on the first page? Second page? 62% of searchers click on a listing on the first page, and only 10% of internet users will look through even the first 3 pages. If you are not on the first page of listings for your top products or services you are not going to be found by customers. And their money is going to whoever they do find on that page.

Are you getting highly targeted visitors looking for the goods or services that you sell, or are your visitors “just looking”?

Some search phrases, or keywords, attract people who are eager to buy RIGHT NOW. Other keywords attract people who are “just looking”. Make sure that your web site turns up when buyers are searching for things to buy. They are ready to buy from someone. Let us help make sure that the web site they find is yours.

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